1524 Subsidy

Updated Aug 2020

In 1522 in order to finance the war with France, a series of taxes were levied during the following five years. Amongst these were the loans of 1522 & 1523, subsidies of 1524 & 1525

These names are in surname alphabetical order. The spellings are as the original, I have not “corrected” them

I can lookup the amount they were assessed against should you wish

At Burgh, Rich

At Wode, William

Buckenoll, Richard

Clappe, Richard

Flodde, Richard

Haydon, John

Mason, John

Pery, John junior

Wode, John

At Wode, Richard

Batstone, John

Buckenoll, Thomas

Clercke, William

Flodde, William

Haydon, John junior

Ollyver, John

Pery, William

Wode, Thomas

At Wode, Robert

Buckenoll, Robert

Callegh, Roger

Durke, Robert

Fludde, John junior

Kellegh, Thomas

Pawlyn, Christopher

Pomery, John

At Wode, Robert junior

Buckenoll, John

Clappe, Robert

Flodde, Thomas

Fludde, John senior

Levermore, John

Pery, John

Slader, Robert

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