1545 Subsidy

Updated Aug 2020

This page contains names of all Farway people listed in 1545 as having paid the Subsidy granted by Parliament to the Crown [ Henry VIII], in order to continue the war against Scotland.

These 37 names are in surname alphabetical order. The spellings are as the original, I have not “corrected” them

I can lookup the amount they were assessed against should you wish

Baston, John

Buteler, William

Callwaye, William

Colume, Hugh

Fludd, Thomas

Haydon, John, senior

Hellyer, Philip

Passenger, Tristram

Poolyng, Christopher

Towoode, John

Baston, Thomas

Callway, Roger

Clappe, Thomas

Cox, Robert

Fludde, William

Haydon, Peter

Heydon, Agnes

Perry, William

Tolacke, John

Towoode, John

Bocknoll, Robert

Callwaye, Joan

Clappe, Thomas

Fludd, John

Gryne, William

Haydon, William

Kelle, Thomas

Pery, John

Toolacke, John

Boocknoll, Richard

Callwaye, John

Clercke, John

Fludd, Richard

Haydon, John, junior

Haydon, William, junior

Olyver, Cecily

Pomerye, John

Towood, Thomas

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